About Us

Lamington Vet is a blog made especially for people that want to see guides and tips when it comes to owning a pet. Whether it is a cat, a bird, or a dog, pets deserve the same respect as fellow humans; that’s why we also decided to make a website in honour of them. And to also spread awareness on how to become a good owner.


Owning a pet has a ton of benefits, and there’s only much we can write about them in this section. First, they are the reason why a lot of people stay fit. For instance, owning a dog can easily make you a good exercising habit. Walking them every day can definitely help with your fitness, even if you think that it isn’t that much. When those days add up and considering all those calories you burnt, it would turn out to be great.


Pets are also like people. They are great companions, even those small ones like hamsters or mice. Even if they don’t understand us, they are at least aware of our existence. Dogs, in general, are known to be friendly and tame, but this actually needs training, especially if you have a different breed.


Aside from decreasing your loneliness, pets are also great stress-reliever. Maybe you had a bad day at work, or you’re really just not feeling well. Pets can be there to cheer you up, even if they don’t really know how they’re doing it. Personally, this is my favourite reason for owning a cat, as I’m someone who dislikes being alone. Even a single cat at my house makes me lively and makes my household more like home.


Pets are also good conversation starters. They can easily make you great friends, especially those that share the same pet preference and interests as you. For instance, taking your dog or cat for a walk in a park could easily give you opportunities to meet new people that would like to get near your pet.


Since pets are much like people, they have their needs and also wants. In short, they will be your responsibility for the rest of their lives. It is a commitment, and it is something that one shouldn’t abandon. A lot of people dislike those that leave their pets on their own, and they have the right to do so.


Pets, whatever size or appearance, are wonderful. On this blog site, expect to see a lot of pet features and also useful guides to making your life as a pet owner a lot better. We hope to hear from you, our community, soon. It’s a promise that we will post more content.

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