6 of the Best Animals to Keep as Your Pet at Home

When it comes to making an animal a pet, several factors have to be met first. One, the animal that you will be adopting or getting is legal, in the sense that the state permits keeping them as a pet. They should also be tame in a way that they can be approached or touched by your family members. That said, there are only limited animals that can be taken home as a pet. If you’re a beginner at this, then you came into the right place. We will be discussing the perfect animals you can consider as a pet.


Birds are naturally elusive and aren’t that close to humans. However, there are some who love man’s companionship and are glad to follow and obey someone. It doesn’t mean that you can’t keep an elusive bird as your pet since there are plenty of ways to manage them and keep them healthy.

There are cages that you can order or make yourself to give them a space to do their usual stuff. In this way, you have a better chance to get close to them, and given enough time; they will surely grow fond of you and your company.


As small as they can seem to be, hamsters are great pets that require attention and love. It’s always important to remember their size so that you know your limits when handling and feeding them.

Hamsters require patience more than anything else because they are naturally messy. Most owners choose to make customized cages for their hamster pets depending on their sizes and attitudes, so if you have enough funds and you’re willing to go the extra mile, then it’s best to consider this option.


Small fishes are the perfect pet choice for people who just wants to chill and take care of something that doesn’t require that much work. However, you should take note that certain fish species that are becoming pets are sensitive, and they require certain living conditions to attain their expected lifetime. That said, taking care of many fishes can be hard if you don’t have any spare funds.


Rabbits aren’t naturally tame, as they tend to easily flee when close to a person. This doesn’t mean that they can’t become a pet, as rabbits can easily warm up to humans once you have given them enough time and care. It seems as though they have a good memory, and depending on how you handle them, they will come to like you eventually.

Rabbits aren’t also that picky when it comes to their food. As long as you give them enough portions and proper sizes, they will stay healthy.


Of course, this list can’t be complete without mankind’s beloved dogs. Long before, dogs were known to be wild, and it was really hard to tame them. After countless crossbreeding and enough time is given by trainers, dogs nowadays are perfect pets and companions. There are selected breeds that are also known to be better pets, so make sure you do your own research before acquiring one.


Lastly, we have cats. They don’t need that many introductions. Cats are perfect if you want a stable pet-owner relationship. They easily warm up to humans, and they are fairly low-maintenance creatures.

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